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Business Coach Karim Boktor will work with you to:

  • Offload  your Stress - Calm your mind

  • Create a positive work culture

  • Strengthen work relations


  • Increase Productivity and Profit

  • Ease personal anxiety

" I make working life a more enjoyable meaningful an enriching experience for all who want to make it happen."



Karim Boktor

Karim is an experienced trainer and coach in the personal and professional performance field. He works with business owners & leaders, academics and individuals wanting to unlock and enhance latent potential using the latest in human behaviour technologies. 


As an experienced sales executive in the one of highest regarded fields,  and having run his own businesses and achieved his Masters in Business  (MBA), Karim has applied knowledge of running and growing a  business.  


Trained in applied psychology, Karim has worked with many small to medium businesses to help entrepreneurs with growth strategies, ,to not just  survive in business, but to thrive and grow. 


Today Karim works with individuals and business leaders, counselling  and advising the best way forward, towards a happy, relaxed and  prosperous career. 

“I feel a weight has been lifted … Oh my god has it helped me! …  

He must be a bloody miracle worker! He did this in one session.” -


Hala, CEO Sleep Sweet Consulting


Karim has created a program which:

1. Identifies strengths and weaknesses  

from the perspective of leadership; 

2. Includes tailored training programs  

that will catalyse fast, effective and long 

lasting change; 

3. Will increase sales, business  

development and growth; 

4. Fosters a strong, unified culture; 

5. Enables more time, efficacity and  



Karim’s expertise in organisational behaviour, psychology and applied neuroscience are a powerful  combination that will prime your mind to accept success, and your business to achieve it. 

Karim also uses his MBA and organisational psychology on whole businesses in his own top-down method to  uproot the organisational challenges of a company and instil a happy and prosperous working culture. 

Karim is available for individual counselling, or whole-business change management.  

And he can work to fix a whole business from the top down, creating a culture of trust, generosity and  productivity. 

The unconscious thoughts and habits that occupies our mind, will be the actions that we execute in our business today.

What situations and results are you seeing in your business today?



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